Forget about Gender Being a Social Construct. What about Race?

Alright, don’t entirely forget about it. We’ll talk about it later. And no I’m not one of those people who ignore evolutionary biology completely. (By the way, Isn’t it weird that both the extreme right and left hate evolution and Darwin now?). The idea here is that race is so ill-defined and the lines are so blurry that you can’t really talk about race the way we’re used to.

I mean what is white? It’s such a large spectrum that goes from hairy but blue-eyed turks all the way to almost see-through scandinavians. Of course there are some purists who are like “Armenians? Not white. Turks? Nope. Greeks? Sometimes. Jews? Let’s not go there. Berbers? get the fuck outta here!”

It is worth mentionning that all the people mentioned above in that hilarious yet educational piece of dialogue are considered white by the US census so to hackily quote Seinfeld what’s the deal?

Asians are so clearly not the same thing, there are shades of them! And they hate each other! Also Asia is so big and has many ethinicities that the name Asian doesn’t make any sense. Israel is in Asia. Does that make Jesus Christ Asian? Also there’s a ton of people with black skin in the Arabic peninsula which is technically in Asia. Black Asians? Also all the -stan countries (except Pakistan and Afghanistan) are filled to the brim with white people, muslim white people, who are also technically Asian. Shouldn’t filipinos be considered Latinos? Think about it.

If I ask you how many races are in Africa what would you say? You’d probably act smart and say there are white people, black people, and arabs! You’d be so smug and feel so cultured. Well, a couple of things. One, you’re forgetting about my people the berbers so fuck you for that. Two, black is too wide of a net to cast. There are more than 3000 ethnic groups in africa. THREE THOUSAND. Are you trying to tell me that Wesley Snipes and Chris Brown are from the same race? That doesn’t even make sense. Pharell Williams is black. Rick Ross, also black?

Yes, they have a shared experience and history and they’re put in the same societal basket but I’m obviously being pedantic and technical and annoying about it.

Is there a lesson here? Not really. Sorry to have wasted your time.



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